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How to celebrate Valentine's Day with your teen

4 ways to celebrate your teen or tween on Valentine’s Day (that probably won’t annoy them)

  Let’s face it—celebrating Valentine’s Day around a teen or tween is a tricky, tricky thing. Too much celebration and you risk embarrassing them, too …

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how to pack a school lunch

How to pack a school lunch your kid can actually eat – FAST!

Lunchtime at school is startlingly short and most kids only have about 10 minutes to eat. Isn’t that crazy?  You know how to pack a …

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better than a summer bucket list

Better Than a Summer Bucket List! THIS is how to use Pinterest

Studies indicate that nearly 100% of kids will proclaim they are bored at some point during the 104 days of summer vacation. And 100% of …

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Father and son (3-5) nose to nose, side view, high section

How to get your kid to quit picking their nose

Does your kid pick their nose? Depending on your tolerance (or as a service to the public), you might need to stage an intervention. This …

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What to do if your kid poops in the tub (hint: not this)

Oh yes parents, poop happens. In the tub. And what should you do when your kid poops in the tub? Not this. Consider the story …

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How to cook with a baby or toddler underfoot: 11 tips

Ah-the joys of cooking when you have little people clutching at your knees. Toddlers or mobile babies create an increased level of difficulty when you’re …

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